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Olivia is currently on her third year, pursuing a PhD in information systems. She is self-proclaimed tech savvy, an ardent LEGO enthusiast and frequently ventures into Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. She is passionate about design, dancing, biking and obsessively nurtures her 13 house plants. Olivia enjoys airports and has lived in Turkey, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark and the United States. She is also a proud proponent of pineapple on pizza. Her greatest wish is to master longboarding and patent the phrase “Did you know that”.

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management of information systems, data governance, engaged scholarship, digital transformation, digital innovation, collective action, change management, data analytics adoption, organizational capabilities.



Ph.D., Information Systems

Research on data governance and implementation of GDPR in local government organizations.

2016 – present. Aalborg University, Denmark.


M.Sc., Information Technology

Digital business strategy; IT governance and sourcing; design, development and implementation of IT systems; process innovation; IT project management.

2015 – 2018. Aalborg University, Denmark.


B.A., Language and International Studies

International relations; organizational design; intercultural communication; media analysis; policy development; political philosophy.

2012 – 2015. Aalborg University, Denmark.



Research Scientist

Information systems research; teaching IT management, governance and strategy; supervising master students in projects on IT and problem-based learning.

2016 – present. Joint between Department of Political Science and Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University.


Research Assistant

Digital transformation research; capability assessments of digital maturity; original e-learning content; workshops on data strategy; theory building on organizational capabilities for digital transformation.

2017 – 2018. Digitaliseringsinstituttet, Aalborg, Denmark.


Teaching Assistant

Courses in English grammar and academic communication; supervision of undergraduate students in discourse studies and international relations portfolios.

2013 – 2015. Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.


Business Intern

Participant on portable, modular data center project; assisting VP in preparation for end-of-quarter executive reviews; analyzing competence assessment data; planning sales education budget; creating info-packages for expats.

2014. Global Technology Services, IBM, Dubai.

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Olivia’s research is driven by the desire to understand how data is fundamentally changing the way societies and organizations work. How do we treat data with concern for both innovation and compliance? What does “data” even mean? How do we determine its value?


She approaches these questions with deep interdisciplinarity; shaped by her background in information systems, international studies and language as well as her joint affiliation with both the Department of Political Science and Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University.  


Although a scholar at heart, Olivia conducts her research in collaboration with IT professionals, continuously seeking to bridge theory with practice. She is inspired by engaged scholarship and believes truly interesting research problems as well as solutions come about, when researchers and practitioners work closely together.

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selected projects

Identifying value through GDPR implementation.

How can organizations leverage the implementation of GDPR to gain value from existing data assets? Organizations in EU have worked hard to adhere to the new data privacy directives, with the sole purpose of remaining compliant. This project looks to see if other sources of value can be created from governing these data assets.

2018 – present. Collaborative practice research. Two municipalities.


Data governance in local government.

Why is it difficult to govern data assets? Assigning rights and responsibilities is pivotal in data governance, but this project showed that complex, organizational environments make it complicated. Issues like data value perception, collaboration and data competences must be addressed to design viable data governance policies.

2017 – 2018. Collaborative practice research. 13 municipalities.


Ensuring data quality in open energy data services.

How can organizations design data governance to ensure quality of data assets in open data services? While utility providers have advanced experience with energy data management, making data publicly available raise the expectations for data quality levels. This project finds ownership, data maturity, KPIs and knowledge sharing are defining governing elements for attaining high data quality.

2017. Design evaluation research. Utility provider.


Digital transformation in public transportation.

How does a public transport company establish a mobility platform through digital transformation? Technologies allow companies to reengineer core services, which necessitates organizational transformation. This project shows that rebolstering core services with digital elements, thinking in ecosystems and adopting solid data skills amongst others are pivotal for succeeding with digital transformation.

2017. Informed basic research. Public transport company.




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